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Theater of the accordion

Featuring William Schimmel, accordion, with guest artist Wynton Marsalis

Internationally renowned accordionist William Schimmel continues to expand the range of the accordion repertoire as he plays his versions of Der Rosenkavalier, Carnival of Venice, Candide

Overture and even Mahler’s Ninth Symphony. Schimmel has performed on CDs with everyone from Sting to the Scent of a Woman and the Billboard No. 1 CD, The Tango Project. Joined by musical legend and nine-time Grammy winner,Wynton Marsalis on St Louis Blues and Mahler Ninth, this CD breaks all boundaries and more. This CD is a true crossover: it will appeal to classical listeners, jazz listeners and the millions of people worldwide who play the accordion. Read the first review of the CD here!  And a nice piece on here!

St Louis Blues with Wynton and Bill

    William Schimmel

Wynton Marsalis

William Schimmel

Interview with William Schimmel

William Schimmel is the greatest accordion player in the world.”

NPR Radio

 There is, in his view, no music that can't, or shouldn't, be played on the accordion.

He has made that belief the basis of a thriving career as a soloist,

as an ensemble player and as a composer for the accordion.

And a concertgoer is likely to run into Mr. Schimmel in all kinds of places:

at new music concerts by Sequitur or North/South Consonance,

or on recordings by Sting or Tom Waits.

Alan Kozin, The New York Times


Best of the YEAR

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Tom Waits



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“Bill Schimmel doesn’t play the accordion, he IS the accordion.”

Carnival in Venice

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