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Susanne Mentzer: Letter to the World

Songs by Carlisle Floyd

World Premiere Recording

Internationally renowned Mezzo-soprano collaborates with “the Father of American Opera,” Carlisle Floyd, in this World Premier Recording of two song Cycles that Mentzer premiered. Classical music lovers have been enjoying Menzter’s performance of this songs, especially the settings in Letter to the World by Emily Dickinson for many years. Finally, this contemporary masterpiece has been recorded. Plus there are three recently discovered songs that Floyd wrote as a teenager. Floyd, now 85, is in the midst of a revival of all his major works around the world in addition to a newly published biography and newly revised scores by Boosey.

This is my letter to the world

Susanne Mentzer

Susanne and Carlisle

Carlisle Floyd

Classic Talk: Susanne Mentzer

World-premiere recordings of song cycles by Carlisle Floyd are expertly and lovingly detailed

by mezzo-soprano Susanne Mentzer. With exemplary diction

Mentzer's voice is in great shape, and her connection to the material and

internalization of the poetry are complete. 

Mentzer's singing is sincere and robust, and she manages extremes of range

with technical expertise, bringing evenness and clarity to both highs and lows with smoothness and lyricism.

She enjoys the often thorny poetry without ever over-intellectualizing.

Opera News

Susanna Mentzer will be touring the country giving recitals of this CD. The

beloved mezzo-soprano Susanne Mentzer invests every bit of her considerable

artistry and passionate singing in these songs. She is the kind of ardent

champion most composers can only dream of, and it is thanks to her hard work and

commitment that this music is now recorded—that it exists for us to hear. Most

important, it gives us more of the invaluable body of work created by an important

American composer, Carlisle Floyd. 

Jack Heggie, composer

I went to school

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