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Pictures at an Exhibition: after Mussorgsky

for Jazz Trio and Orchestra featuring Yaron Gottfried

This remake brings a contemporary interpretation to the timeless masterpiece by Mussorgsky. Presented as a complete suite of 12 Movements arranged, orchestrated and recomposed for Jazz trio (Piano, Bass, Drums) and Orchestra), the melodies and themes of Mussorgsky’s original version are dressed in new colors andinspire new forms for the jazz trio to improvise. Each movement is approached differently while being transformed into a live, authentic encounter between classical and jazz, material and improvisation.


Yaron Gottfried

Gottfried at Work


Electronic Press Kit

"Yaron Gottfried's arrangements of Pictures at an Exhibitoin are inventive

and immaginative and his playing blends beatufiully with the large ensemble.

His version shed new light on a well-known piece and opens up the piece for creative improvisation."

Uri Caine, Pianist and Composer

"Yaron Gottfried has taken a classic Romantic suite and musically translated it into a

contemporary happening. His multibple views of the famous "Promenade" are extraordinary."

Dave Liebman, Saxophonist


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