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A new play by Jeffrey Sweet starring Jeff McCarthy

The world premier recording brings to life William Moses Kunstler, who journeyed from comfortable suburban lawyer to America's most revered and reviled attorney for the civil rights and radical movements of the last half of the 20th Century. This is the perfect recording for lawyers, judges or anyone remotely interested in the law. Plus it is an intimate look into our country's most radical decades. Broadway veteran Jeff McCarthey delivers riviting performance in Jeffrey Sweet's powerful and riviting play. The New York Times raves, "an eye-opening history lesson."

Scene 1 from Kunstler

Jeff McCarthey

Jeffrey Sweet

William Kunstler

Electronic Press Kit

"Wise and revealing....Jeff McCarthy seduces his audience…(he)

has the Kunstler style down pat, with disheveled gray hair, eyeglasses worn most often on the top

of his head and a demeanor that seems to say, 'I don’t have to try very hard to be

brilliant and adorable'.... an eye-opening history lesson."


The New York Times

"Ingenious…riveting...Jeffrey Sweet’s galvanizing play about the controversial counselor,

famous (and infamous) for defending social activists during the 1960s and ‘70s

and, later, accused rapists, gangsters and terrorists. McCarthy skillfully shoulders a huge burden.

Making her directorial debut, well regarded actress O’Toole never lets the energy flag.

Along with being admirable theater, a stirring history lesson,

and a vivid character portrait, Kunstleris sure to inspire budding lawyers." 

Hudson Journal News

Ronald L. Kuby, William Kunstler's law partner

"William Moses Kunstler journeyed from comfortable suburban lawyer to America’s most revered

and reviled attorney for the civil rights and radical movements of that last half of the twentieth century.

For today’s law students facing an uncertain future in a world posing new threats to liberty, K

unstler illustrates the rewards and risk of living life in the law while remaining

true to one's principles. This play brings to life the challenges of fighting for

justice before history rendered its verdict on those causes.

For students wondering where are the Kunstler's of today, they need look no further than the mirror – if they dare.

When I was a law student, Kunstler, the man, changed my life forever. 

Kunstler, the play, may do the same for you." 

Scene 5 from Kunstler

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