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Charles Busch in Judith of Bethulia

His new epic comedy, directed by Carl Andress

World Premiere Performance


Written by and starring Broadway legend Charles Busch, this is the world premiere of his new play which is an outrageous and bawdy celebration of the Hollywood Biblical Epic genre! Lepers, whores, eunuchs, centurions, evil generals, youthful poets, and a beautiful redheaded widow make Charles Busch’s comedy a story worth praying for. This play has never been produced commercially and this is part of the Great Play Series produced by Glen Roven on


The Entrance of Judith

Charles Busch


Charles Busch

30 years of Charles Busch

"Charles Busch’s Judith of Bethulia gave me one of the best laugh-out-loud times I’ve ever had. This saga of the chaste widow Judith, draped with baubles, bangles and beads, undergoing dishonor and humiliation for a good cause in old Jerusalem is Busch at his wittiest and most hysterically funny; also at times his most touching. With this recording of the full play, everyone, myself included, can enjoy again and again itssassiness and rich humor as well as those unexpected more sober turns the play takes. Only D. W. Griffith, never known for his funnybone, might listen to this Busch-bathed version of D.W.’s 1914 silent screen spectacle without cracking a smile but for anyone else such a reaction seems as unlikely as a July snowstorm on what was once Judith’s home turf." 

Robert Osborne, Host, Turner Classic Movies

The amazing Charles Busch finally makes his plays into Audible books and I, for one, am in Heaven!  
Judith of Bethulia re-tells the Biblical legendary diva via a New Yawk

interpretation with jokes and punch lines flying at the speed of a NY cab driver.  
Imagine someone like Bette Davis. Rosalind Russell. Joan Crawford or Bea Arthur

on the lead role of a hard boiled grand dame saving the people of David,

but dressed to the nines while spitting out one line zingers. 
Amazingly entertaining.

Audible review

Murder Most Foul

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