Stephanie Dreams

José Luis Santacruz, Saxaphone

José Luis Santacruz, a master of the saxophone, is proud to release his first CD, Stephanie Dreams, for Roven Records. Stephanie Dreams combines his impeccable artistry with his sensuous phrasing.  The CD features 8 original compositions and is a must-have for lovers of smooth jazz. With beautiful melodies and soaring improvisations that will both excite and relax, this CD is sure to be a treasure for years to come. From the first track "Carmen 'o' Alegría" to the last song "María," listeners will be transported to a wonderful world of sound and colors. José's music reaches all the senses. Two of the songs on this CD feature vocal artists from Spain, which add a Spanish depth to the sound.  Hailing from Guardamar del Segura, Spain, Santacruz is a master of the saxophone and his involvement in the music scene in Guardamar del Segura is unparalleled.

Carmen "o" alegreria



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