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The Haunted HORROR House

Take a Bone-Chilling Walk through the Haunted Horror House, IF YOU DARE!


 Turn Your Home Into a Castle of Horrors 

Great for Theme Parties 

Contains Original Sound-Score Music with Thrilling 3-D Effects & More! 

Welcome to the Haunted Horror House. Just follow the footsteps from room to room and you’ll experience the worlds that lie beyond each door. Turns your home into a chamber of horrors. Great for Halloween, Theme Parties, or around the campfiffiire. Enjoy 40 minutes of original sound-score music & effects. Step inside the Haunted Horror House. You’re expected! Take a Bone-CHilling Walk through the Haunted Horror House, IF YOU DARE!



Enter The House 

The Hall of Horrors 

The Rack 

Mad Dogs

Where Am I? 

The Chapel of Chills 

Chain Saw Massacre 

Step Outside 


The Graveyard 

The Basement 

The Clock 

The Swamp 

Run For Your Life 






Hall of MAD DOGS!!!!!!

Haunted House EPK

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