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Music Composed 2007-2017

With the publication and performances of my Violin Concert and the song cycle, “Songs from the Underground,” I put aside a thirty-year career in pop music, the theater and television, and decided to concentrate on composing classical music. I’m very happy I did as I love the new artists I’ve met and have collaborated with. They seem to enjoy performing my music, and I love hearing them perform it. (They sort of know I was involved in the pop world, but aren’t quite sure what I did and are always surprised when they talk about a TV theme or a song, and I say, “Oh, I wrote that!”) In any event, with a serious birthday rapidly approaching, I thought I’d put together a compilation of my favorite compositions written over the last ten years. All of this music has been recorded before (except for Toby Greenhalgh singing the “Four Surreal Songs,” which will be released May 2018), but I hope you enjoy hearing my favorites ones again, performed by some of my favorite artists. 

Cloths of Heaven (Okulitch)

Daniel Okulitch

Keri Alkema

Glen Roven

Late Indian Summer (Alkema)

Glen Roven


Glenn Seven Allen            Jarrett Ott
David Adam Moore                                                                                      Laura Strickling
Kinga Augustyn                                                      Michael Brofman
Tobias Greenhalgh      Catherine Zeta-Jones         Myra Huang          Kristina Reiko Cooper
      Mark Stone                 Thomas Bagwell
          After Great Pain (Ott)
Review of the Live Concert by
Jennifer Rivera
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