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Corinne Winters: Canción Amorosa

Songs of Spain featuring Steven Blier at the piano

Legendary pianist and pedagogue Steven Blier teams up with Supernova Soprano Corinne Winters in this exploration of Spanish Music celebrating the astounding array of cultures and styles. This recording explores an often neglected repertoire of Spanish Music. The CD celebrates the glories of Catalan, Basque, Sephardi and Castilian music. Corinne Winters, already a star in London, is quickly earning a place among the A list sopranos of her generation.

Como quieres

Corinne Winters

Steven Blier

Corinne and Steven

Electronic Press Kit

A great piece by Steven Blier about Corinne


What a beautiful debut album! I have great love and respect for Corinne

Winter’s voice—such a charismatic, opulent sound. She and pianist Steven

Blier do honor to the songs of my country, with its astounding array of

cultures and styles. From bel canto to zarauela, from folk song to art song,,

from north to south, this CD celebrates the glory of Spain.


Placido Domingo, Tenor/Baritone

This CD is a triple threat: sublime, beautiful songs, exquisite singing, masterful

playing. What musical riches Spain has to offer-the divers and transporting

glories of Catalan, Basque, Sephardic and Catilian music. Corinne Winters

is one of America’s premier new voices,

                                and in Steve Blier she has the collaboratoof one’s dreams.                                      

    Joyce DiDonato, mezzo-soprano

Judith Malafronte Opera News


Corinne Winters’s slim, dark-hued soprano entices the listener in this wide-ranging collection of

love songs from Spain. Curated by multi-linguist Steven Blier, the recital highlights languages and dialects from all over the Iberian peninsula, enlivened by Blier’s authoritative musicianship and stylish pianism.

The sensuality and fluid rhythmic movement of “Después que te conoci” (Ever since I met you)

furnishes a strong start to the disc, which continues

with another song by Eduardo Toldrà, the langorous

“Maig” (May), on a deliciously atmospheric poem by Trinitat Catasús. 

Winters seems right at home in the various language sounds, whether

Andalusian, Castilian, Basque or Catalan, and she and Blier seem to share an ear for vocal color.

There’s a spiky edge to Joaquin Nin’s elaborately-accompanied

“Paño murciano,” with its cute text focused on a silversmith’s

kisses, and Winters’s easy chest voice highlights the “Rau, rau, rau”

refrain of the desperate unwed mother in the Basque poem “Aldapeko Mariya.”

Turina’s “Si con mis deseos” (If with my desires) is beautifully sung, showing off compact and focused top notes, and it fades away wistfully. 

La Tarara

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