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Ties That Make Us Human

Music by Ariel Blumenthal

Award winning composer Ariel A. Blumenthal releases his debut CD of intimate chamber pieces altered by subtle digital processing, ranging from classical settings to strictly electronic. The music was written in Blumenthal’s LA studio, where he writes and produces music for television and film - an appropriate breeding ground for a crossover look at minimalism.  Closing off the CD are 3 bonus tracks from acclaimed and prolific composer and conductor Glen Roven. 

As a commercial music composer and producer Blumenthal has placed music in blockbuster productions such as "The Heat” (20th Century Fox), "The Other Guys” (Columbia Pictures) and "American Idol” (Fox), and has written music for television showsin Japan, Spain, UK, Israel and the US, working with producers such as Fox International Channels, National Geographic, Keshet International, Tokyo Broadcast System and Catorce (Spain). 


As a concert composer and winner of the Chicago Symphony composition competition, Blumenthal writes for dance and the concert stage, including performances by the Israeli Philharmonic, the Taiwan National Orchestra, the Jerusalem Symphony and ensembles in Europe, Israel and the US. 

He collaborated with soloists Avi Avital (mandolin), Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Steven Schick (percussion), Percadu (percussion duo) and Ittai Shapira (violin), and with choreographers Paula Present and John Malashok.

Blumenthal’s music explores different ways to combine traditional acoustic instruments and electronic music and effects, and leans towards neoclassical or minimalistic tones. 


In 2008 Blumenthal has received attention for creating a permanent double installation of 3-dimensional music at the Plaza Hotel in NYC, using technology and music-architecture to turn public spaces into immersive, living musical environments. The project called for three and a half hours of original music, performed by over 70 musicians in Prague, New York, Los Angeles and Israel. In 2011 he created another 3D piece, this time in artistic and live settings, performing an original composition “H2Awe”, part of Ptero Dance's performance "H2Eau".



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