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Eric Bentley's Brecht-Eisler Song Book

Featuring Karyn Levitt, soprano  Eric Ostling, piano

From her rich collaboration with world-renowned Brecht translator Eric Bentley, soprano-actress Karyn Levitt releases her first album of Brecht-Eisler songs in English translation. Austro-German composer Hanns Eisler created a vast and varied repertory of works, and this album presents a sample of his genius and versatility. Eric Bentley adapted the song texts (which are poems and theater ballads by Brecht) from their original German into English, unlocking Eisler’s starkly beautiful songs for English-speaking audiences. According to critic Irving Wardle, Ms. Levitt “negotiates a passage for these songs into the concert hall, and in place of the gritty style allows the songs to bloom...” Read the Press Annoucement here.

And What Did She Get

Karyn Levitt

Eric Ostling

Hanns Eisler


The Love Market

“My Brecht Eisler Song Book has been around for years, finding its way into innumerable schools and homes. This success has not been reflected in the record business until now when Karyn Levitt and Eric Ostling have chosen to record a program based on my book... to celebrate my 100th year…. Thank you, Karyn, thank you, Eric, from my heart!”

                                                        -- Eric Bentley

"Karyn Levitt’s interpretation of the songs combines impressive technical competence with an unusual degree of emotional intelligence and sensitivity. Her skillful interpretation of ballads provides an exceptionally high degree of accomplishment which characterizes the entire CD."

                                      -Ian Wallace, International Feuchtwanger Society

"At a time in history when the subject of the day is exile, American soprano Karyn Levitt has chosen a worthy example to build a one-woman cabaret show around. Eisler's music, especially now in the time of exile all over the globe, bears repeating for its prescience and intelligence. Levitt’s lovingly crafted “Will There Be Singing (In the Time of Darkness)” plunges us into the heart of yesteryears’ issues that are now (still) the evening news."

                    Alexandra Ivanoff, Arts Review Europe

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                                                        Paul Pelkonen from SuperConductor  Raves

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