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Bird That Wants to Fly with Danny Glover

A book for Children by Diane Leslie Kaufman MD/ An opera by Michael Raphael Diane Leslie Kaufman MD&keywords=bird%20that%20wants%20to%20fly&qid=1454526472&ref_=sr_1_14&sr=8-14

Danny Glover, Academy Award nominee, narrates this wonderful story on the bird who wanted to soar, but just couldn't gather the confidence! The Bird That Wants to Fly, the opera, is based on the book by Diane Kaufman with illustrations by Olya Kalatsei. This story of a bird that has lost her confidence to fly and is comforted by a beautiful horse, is the perfect story for children living in a world that has forgotten how to support one another in times of need. This bird does not believe that she can fly and is approached by a beautiful horse that offers his assistance. The horse encourages the bird to hold its head high and not to lose hope. The horse tells the bird to try to flap her wings and to ignore the children who tease her. The bird who has been bullied, suddenly realizes that if she tries hard and has faith in her wings, that she can truly fly. Although the bird does lose faith from time to time, the horse continually encourages the bird until she flies again! Young children and schoolchildren will love this immediate and captivating work with its sounds found in the American amusement park.The words and music of Michael Raphael are appropriate for children of all ages. Raphael provides a landscape for all those who love children and remember and appreciate the world in which they live.  

Read about composer Michael Raphael.


Danny Glover reading Bird

        Danny Glover

Dr. Kaufman

Opera Scene 1

     Michael Raphael
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