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Andrew Garland: American Portraits

Featuring Donna Loewey, piano

With songs by Tom Cipullo, Jake Heggie, Lori Laitman & Stephen Paulus

American baritone Andrew Garland has been saluted by The New York Times as having a “distinctly American presence” with a “big voice” who is “an able and comfortable performer, and a sincere one,” and by Opera News as having “coloratura [which] bordered on the phenomenal as he dashed through the music’s intricacies with his warm baritone, offering plenty of elegance and glamour in his smooth acting.” Here he sings major new song cycles from four of the most important and prestigious voices writing American Art songs today. He is accompanied by the foremost collaborative in the United States, Donna Loewy.

What the Miner Said (Heggie)

Andrew Garland

Donna Loewy

Andy Cleaning Up

Full Performance with Andy and Donna

If one wants to encounter a first-rank authentic baritone, look no further than Andrew Garland. Here is a young singer who has it all: a distinctively beautiful voice, flawless technique, exceptional musicality, and superb communicative skills. The sound itself is an ideal blend of rich warmth and ringing brilliance, and Garland's technical solidity allows him to seing beautifully even when negotiating through the most difficult, turbulent melodic lines.

Gregory Berg, Journal of Singing

Andrew Garland is a star singer beginning to burst forth.  I am his devoted fan and supporter.  

Don't miss this new recording!! 

Marilyn Horne

Jake Heggie, Composer

Andy Garland is the kind of musical champion song composers dream of finding: a true song stylist who is passionate, creative, quick, inquisitive and possesses a beautiful lyric baritone.

Frederick Douglas (Cipullo)

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